Thursday, 28 April 2011

Old and New, Green and Blue

This post finds ol' Gurn having to do a bit of the old 'backstroke', yep, just a couple of months ago I posted that I wouldn't be following the masses and using a barrow for transportation of my carping kit...Oh dear, then, as this week saw me acquire a brand spanking new Nash PegOne Barrow.
 I am now officially old in my eyes having succombed to using the mind instead of the muscle, common sense has prevailed and I think this model will be ideal for the overnighters I generally do these days. I will let you know how it performs.
Also new in the Gurn armoury this week is a new set of rods, I won't say that I've upgraded, my old Greys' have done me proud and I've caught the fish of my dreams on them. I have, however, purchased a set of three Century FBS rods. I have bought them with one eye on a future venue, but also feel they will cope better with the "nuisance" Wels Catfish I will inevitably encounter this year. Once again, I'll let you know how they perform.
What then of the fishing ? Well my quest continued along with the company of Lady Sarah. We opted for my old, cold-weather swim, not the good Lady's ideal choice, being as it was, facing into the cold North Easterly that seems to have sneaked back in through the back door. I thought some fish may have followed it though and the plan was to set all three baits no more than twenty feet from the bank.
 The bivvy went up...eventually, thanks to having another pair of hands to help, bless her.
 There really hasn't been many catches on the lake to give me any guidance, I generally follow my own path anyway.
 Two on pop-ups, one on bottom bait, a small scattering of my mainstay boilies as freebies this week.
 The swim is one of the more secluded on the lake but unfortunately the fellow who had walked an entire lap of the lake, chatting on his mobile so loudly that he actually probably didn't need the phone (his mate would've still heard him) decided, as I knew he would, to come blundering straight towards us. I strolled towards him, behind the bivvy, in a way that polite anglers do, so's not to enable him to walk into the swim and make himself comfortable, even then he felt the need to yell at me for 15 minutes before continuing on his loud route around the lake.
 As the darkness fell, our only other vistors were my old mates, the bats. Lady Sarah looked on, amazed at there twilight antics..a special time.
 As we bedded down, listening to the wind outside, I wondered how many more nights lay ahead in my quest, will it end, will I catch Her ?
 2 a.m. and my right rod is away, I'm on the rod quickly and strike, a plucky fight, but this is no Carp...or indeed Cat, a fine Tench came to the net. I was joined out in the cool night air by Lady Sarah, bless her, she was still half asleep, answering "Ey ?", "What ?", "Pardon", to everything I said to her. It's a strange thing but I've never really been in a fish catching situation at night with someone who doesn't instinctively know what to do, you know, get the net, sling, mat, forceps. All these things are what fellow piscators immediately do. I apologised later to her for being abrupt when this didn't happen.
She's a fine partner, great company...alas, I fear she'll never make a good photographer !!!
 Dawn broke to two welcome sounds, the high pitched call and bright blue flash of the Kingfisher and the first audible sign of the cuckoo this year.
The wind still blew hard and cold as we packed away, The Common, is still uncaught this year.


  1. Tackle tart ;-)

    Sound like yer lady needs some more training, once a week for the rest of the season should do it.

  2. Tackle tart ?..:-)
    It does look that way mate, but I tend to be on the side of a certain Mr. Nash who once said, "It aint a fashion show, it's about putting em on the bank."
    The good Lady is always welcome. Especially as I generally tend to catch something when she's around. I guess you will soon be on your Carp lake, tight lines.

  3. Great tench Gurn, hope you get your carp soon.

  4. Thats a good looking tench, They do give a good short fight, As for the Trolly to put your kit on, Then go for it, If it saves you having a heart attack like i had through over doing it, May i suggest You get somone to push it for you haha Make life easy for yourself and live a little longer, Then you will have more time to catch those tench and Carp,
    Good Luck Gurn,

  5. A decent tench is always a welcome sight Gurn.

  6. It is indeed Tom, they are probably my favourite fish. This particular lake produces them into double figures, much more welcome than those pesky Cats..I am told that tench are more rig shy than Carp, dunno if it's true, but gives me confidence in my quest.

  7. A double figure tench truly is a fish worthy of capture.