Monday, 11 April 2011

Speaking of the Old Guard

Some of this blogs traditional angling viewers will be interested to see the above photo, reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographer and respected angler Shaun Harrison.
The cased Carp was caught on 24 July from Mapperley Reservoir by Albert Buckley at 26lb a British record at the time.
 Albert had witnessed anglers being smashed up on lighter Roach tackle by Carp and set out to catch one,
On Saturday July 19th Albert was at Mapperley to fish specifically for Carp, his first took 55 minutes to land and weighed 16lb. After weighing at the nearby keepers house Albert went back fishing and within ten minutes caught a 14lber. 

Albert returned to the lake on Thursday 24th July and this was his account....

On July 24th I got four carp and two Roach, the carp were 9lb, 11lb, 15lb and 26lb, the Roach were 2lb 12oz and 3lb 6oz. I caught them all on bread paste mixed with honey.

This fish was possibly much heavier and lost a large amount of blood before weighing, having been gaffed upon capture as was the norm in those days. It was to be the last record Carp before the Redmire era.

The case sat for many years in the fine angling shop Walkers of Trowell where I believe I actually once viewed it. Then, one day a member of the Buckley family walked in and claimed it back, never to be seen again !


  1. You dont see many cased Carp or other Fish for that matter, Years ago almost everyone in my neck of the woods had cased fish or Birds Stoats and Badgers, Its still a great site to see for me, Though i do understand its not the norm for today, A 26Lb Carp was a great record and would still be a class fish to catch,
    The photograph is great,

  2. Thought I recognised that shelf, I bet some of those fly lines are still waiting to be shifted.

  3. The Mapperley record carp is on view and can still be seen at Wollaton Hall 3 miles from Nottingham

  4. I will stand corrected but have heard that may be a replica.

  5. Hi Gurn
    I saw this fish a few years ago and on looking in ''A Century of Carp Fishing'' by Ball ,Klifford & Paisley it does indeed confirm what you say, inso much as the fish was set up by Wilde at Wollaton Hall and plaster casts were taken at the time, the fish eventually went to a tackle shop in Wales whilst the plaster casts are on display at the Hall
    Apologies for the confusion