Friday, 8 April 2011

Old's Cool

'In Pursuit of Carp and Catfish' a book that had a profound effect on me as an angler. It made me aware of the wonders of the Wels, specimen Carp fishing and also inspired my love of Redmire Pool. Kevin Maddocks was a huge influence on my angling direction. Unlike Yates he never painted pictures with his written word but had a way of conveying big fish angling in perhaps a more workmanlike way and love him or hate him he certainly knew how to catch Carp.
 It amazes me sometimes when I speak to todays mass media flooded Carpers. Many don't know of the man who brought us the first modern Carping bible, Carp Fever. The man who along with Lennie Middleton developed the Hair Rig. The man who brought us the first adjustable level Bedchair.
The man, who along with the legend that is Alan Taylor pioneered French fishing at places like Orient, Chantecoq and others.
 What then has become of the old school, what are they up to ? Well they're still out there doing it, without the hype of the modern era. Alan was in the shop this week, he and Kevin have just returned from a successful trip to the famous Rainbow Lake. Still doing it, still catching 'Whackers' along with the likes of Rob Hales and Martin Locke.
 It seems that the old guard are still really ahead of game, still keeping it real, without the need to tell everyone about it and plug the latest product, long may it continue.


  1. I have seen a little of this guy who should be called the carp guru, But its like everything else, Very seldome does the credit go to the right person,

  2. In the spirit of 'olds cool' I picked up The Fighting Barbel by Peter Wheat from the library today. The first stamp in it is dated 7th Nov 1967!!

  3. A fine read Dave, that would be a first edition book. I recently acquired a copy of Peter Stones 'Bream and Barbel''s always interesting to read about the old methods and I still gained a lot of useful knowledge.

  4. Those of us of a certain age grew up in an angling world filled with a strong sense of history and we basked in the light of legends. Alas, today's anglers seem only to chase other people's shadows.

  5. Couldn't have put it better Dave.