Monday, 7 November 2011

Banksticks and Stuff

I searched all morning yesterday for the perfect stick, you know the one ? We've all used one at some point. That perfect natural rod rest.
 You see I want one now for the river as a kind of escape from the stainless steel that accompanies my Carp set-up.
I'm not what people would call a "tackle tart", well some would, but they'd be wrong. The main criteria for my carp gear is that it won't break so stainless suits just fine.
 However, for the river, the goalposts(no pun intended) are moved to lightness and portability, which both probably mean the same thing, and if you throw in a bit of stealthy natural camo (no not that realtree stuff for me thanks) then all the better.
I had designs on finding the perfect fallen branch. Fennel would have us believe that hawthorn and yew are the best wood to use and I thought a rummage in some ancient woodland would see me emerge triumphant with the chosen stick held aloft like Excalibur..I didn't happen, my quest was fruitless....but I know that perfect stick is out there somewhere, it shall be mine.
Talking of the river, I'm still waiting for a bit more rain to fall. I have however heard encouraging reports of some large Chub being caught on a local stretch so I daresay it won't be too long before I'm tempted out.
 A friend of mine has been having a few nice fish using a bait called Envy. I'm not one to blatantly plug products on this blog but this stuff really seems to be doing the business for him.

Strange really, because I've always thought envy is a terrible thing !!!
 Talking of which, may I take this opportunity to congratulate my mate Jack Brown for catching not one, but two 50lb+ carp this week. Unfortunately it seems the talented lad has been taking a peppering from people who have nothing better to do than have a faceless pop at someone from behind their keyboards. Like I said, terrible thing envy.


  1. Using a wooden bankstick is a noble and timely pursuit, searching ancient woodland for the perfect wooden bankstick makes you an inverted tackle tart!

    However, to shorten your quest, have a wander along any river visited by our Eastern European friends, they leave a bounty of forked sticks behind, maybe, just maybe one of them is stuck fast in stone awaiting you King Gurn to pull it free ;-)

  2. My thats a posh bank stick you are in search of Gurn, What it wrong with two strait sticks forming a cross and tied with a little twine where the sticks meet,

  3. I hear you Dave, but I wouldn't want used goods (otherwise I'd 'borrow' the top off of the clothes line prop :-)) has to be 'the chosen one'.

  4. Good luck in your quest - may fortune favour you :-)

  5. Paddy, that is a good idea mate, but I will be finding a 'stick for life'.

  6. I once found a stick that was so good I took it home. It lasted me for years until I lost it. I hope someone else has it now.

    A stick and a cane rod are a match made by nature.