Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Passing Of An Old Friend

I found a dead Carp in the margins of the lake whilst fishing last week, it had been dead some time and both tail lobes were missing. At a work party this weekend the fish was removed and confirmed to be the imaginatively named 'Cut-Tail'.
 This beautiful old fish seems to have finally succumbed to it's injury, the result of a careless anglers handling some years ago. Infection seems to have slowly destroyed this wonderful creature's tail despite the wound being treated on subsequent captures.
 She still remains the biggest Carp I have ever caught and her passing should be a lesson to all who pursue these majestic fish.


  1. Sorry to hear about that Gurn it's always sad to learn of the passing of any fish that has provided its captors with immense joy and past memories.Fish care should be paramount to everyone who wets a line.

  2. That's not good mate, it looks like a lovely fish.


  3. Thats not good news, And although it was treated on each ocation it was captured, The inevitable has hapened, You will will always think about the time you had this fish on the bank whenever you fish there, Fish safety is somthing we have to teach a lot of anglers and not just the begginers,
    Sorry for your loss Gurn,