Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Lucky Strike

So a fellow strolls into the shop with an old rod in his hand, I take quick glance and clock the transfer on the butt section."That's an old rod you've got there bud", I say.
"I wondered if you had any rings for it,I know it's in a bit of a state but I'm thinking I might do it up" he replied.
I take another look and say,"No mate we don't sell rings for them, they're a bit more specialised, I know a couple of websites you could try, or you could save yourself the hassle and sell it to me."
I then ask him where he got it from and he explains that it was in a mates shed and he was thinking he'd hang it on a wall or something.
"Yeah, nice, Guides'n'Blanks or Chapmans Blanks mate, that's where you'll get guides for that mate, I could give you Chapmans phone number."...He thought a while..."I'm not really one to use a computer and don't think i'll do mail order....Did you say you'd be interested in buying it ?" he said, "How much would you offer me?"...It was now my turn to think a while, I figured I'd pay a certain sum for it and then halved it thinking he'd barter...I told him the halved amount..He immediately held out his hand as if to say "Bloody hell, show me the money" and the deal was done........and this is the true tale of how old Gurn became the proud owner of an early Gold Oval Label Lucky Strike for less money than the cheapest rod in his shop.


  1. Thats a great outcome, I put it down to the new Bobble hat, Well done on the new rod though,

  2. Ker-ching!

    I'll never trust a tackle dealer again :-)

  3. Since I've had that hat Paddy, things just get better and better :-)
    Haha Dave, if there's one thing you can trust, it's that as a rule I'm usually on the other end of deals like this.