Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Bit Late For These ?

This photo was taken today with my phone whilst out on a Sunday morning stroll with Lady Sarah.


  1. I must agree,it is a bit late in the season to be seeing blackberries,I'm sure the birdlife will be ever grateful though.

  2. Now thats a strange thing this time of year,
    Well spotted Gurn,
    My brother just said thats a sign of a hard winter comeing, He's going home now haha,
    Hope his windows are frozen haha,
    Great picture,

  3. What a deliciously wonderful discovery...better late than never, eh?

  4. The seasons are all to cock Gurn, it is 12 degrees as i sit here with my cornflakes!

  5. Its all out of whack this year mucker, I saw rooks copulating the other day, they must think its Spring! Autumn is about a month late over this way but we did have a frost last night.